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MER-5KW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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The unique features of our vertical axis wind turbine


The generator features a unique outer rotor and coreless structure, and the rare earth magnet generates a strong magnetic field. Besides, the multipole design can generate high voltage even at minimum rotating speeds and realize high-power output.

1.Starting rotation at the lowest wind speed of 1m/s
2.the ability to catch the wind by 360 degree based on the principle of aerodynamics, streamline shape as wings of aero plane
3.security wind speed 60 m/s
4.noise-free rotation
5.aluminum alloy integral extrusion molding achieves both high, strength and light weight
6.will not be damaged, broken into fragments, or burned even in the case of a lighting strike
7.recyclable materials are used
8.the blades do not endanger birds
9.a good resistance to corrosion

Product parameters

Start-up wind speed 1.5m/s

Cut-in wind speed 2.5m/s

Rated wind speed 12m/s

Rated rotation speed 100 rmp

Rated power 5000w

Diameter of windmill 3.5m

Blades quantity 3 pcs

Length of blades 5.5m

Maximum wind speed 60m/s

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